That means you must be wondering the router you purchased from the Indian pc shops on Kampala Rd or the one you sent from Amazon does not possess a sim card slot. You have likely hooked up to a power source and you’ll be able to observe the WiFi hotspot title, but the item can not access net!

The issue isn’t using the router. It is along with your expectations and comprehension of cellular information versus network technologies. Just because you have WiFi does not mean you’ve got internet. I will explain why in a little.

A router will one simple thing — link a couple of devices to the identical network.

That said, routers may hook your apparatus to all kinds of programs. It may be your very own little home network (Local Area Network in specialized jargon) or into your cellular operator network. It may do so with wires (wired) or with no wires (wireless).

The router can merely inter-connect just the devices inside your house or workplace and nothing else. For example if you would like to publish a photograph from your smartphone into your own home printer, all you’ve got to do is link both of these devices to the router’s wireless hotspot. Then using the ideal mobile Program, it is possible to manually publish your Instagram photograph for grandma to view.

If you would like to play music or watch films in your smart TV from the living area with everybody, then you may connect both your notebook and clever TV to the identical WiFi network made by your router. That’s in case you do not need to use HDMI cables. That way, your Smart TV will immediately recognize your Notebook’s multimedia documents and play for everybody from the sitting area.

With what we’ve talked about, your router is only inter-connecting your devices together so that they can comprehend and speak to one another. In cases like this, your home router is currently using a wireless technology named WiFi. It does not require net to do so. I repeat, it does not require the internet to do what we have talked about. Therefore your router does not have to get a sim card so that it can select internet from your cellular network of option.

All these are the routers available in western markets and on internet shops such as Amazon. A fantastic example for example is that the Netgear WNDR4500 N900 double ring Gigabit WiFi router or state Linksys WRT AC1900 Dual-band WiFi router. These men here are not the typical ordinary WiFi routers that you randomly find on the roads.

Now unless you are a geek, then I would not advise that you buy these WiFi-only routers particularly in the event that you have net accessibility in your mind. I have heard of clients walk into cellular telecom service centres requesting them where to set the sim card slot or their routers are not choosing web.


But if you have expectation of online accessibility on top using something that pops all of your devices with each other, then it is time to consider 3G or 4G routers. Luckily these are routers that are mainly sold in telecom shops in Uganda.

It is the exact same thing except since I explained in previous articles, a MiFi is mobile, light-weight apparatus that could operate on battery unlike a normal router.

Simply speaking, the distinction between them and another standard Wi-Fi just routers is that they have a Sim card slotmachine. It is that easy.

That usually means that the router MiFi includes a sim card that hooks your inter-connected house devices to your cell network’s data system. Your cellular network may support different mobile data technologies like EDGE or 2G, that’s so yesterday. 3G, 3G and 4G LTE, the most up-to-date and the fastest mobile data standard at the moment.

The key point to keep in mind here is that your 3G or 4G router may furnish devices attached to its own wireless hotspot with net on one condition — you need to have an active information program or MBS about the sim card within the router.

If your sim card does not have some M, your other connected devices like smartphones, tabletcomputer, smart TV, notebook etc may connect to the router’s wireless hotspot or even WiFi if you prefer. That signifies your 3G/4G router is currently behaving like the normal WiFi-only routers I have talked about over. Thus you can still stream music and movies from the laptop to a smart TV or tablet computer without an active online connection.

We have obviously discussed 3G routers and MiFis before demonstrating a variety of goods on the marketplace from the many mobile networks.

My great old-time friend is your Huawei B683 3G wireless router out of Orange. It hooks up to over 30 users, making it the ideal companion for home usage. By the current standards, I recommend this router only for net access. If you would like to stream complete HD films or audio from the HTPC (Home Theathre PC), Play station, Xbox and some other DLNA/UPnP apparatus to your Smart TVtablet or smartphone, I recommend any of those aforementioned WiFi-only routers I spoke about.

But if you are considering something just you and some other individuals may use to share one internet data program, then a 3G or 4G LTE MiFi is the buddy. This awful man that prices just US 125,000 supports 4G LTE rates of up to 150Mbps and also you are able to go with it where you need unlike the Huawei B683 3G modem for example.

Yet another thing; WiFi-only routers would be most times more costly than our cellular 3/4G routers/MiFis — yet another fantastic reason to steer clear of them.

Okay folks, maybe I have confused you a bit. However, there you have itthe easiest reason I can give differentiating mobile information technology from other media standards.


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