How to Get Wi-Fi in your Car

We live in a time which has been touted as the digital era – everything is taking a digital form, from newspapers to most forms of entertainment. As such, our reliance on the internet has increased manifold. You might have wondered about having a Wi-Fi connection in your vehicle so that you remain connected with the world while you’re moving from one place to another. Top sports and luxury car rental agencies around the world, especially in metropolitans like Dubai and London, now offer these services too. Especially when people hire sports car rental they usually demand Wi-Fi along with the car.  It is now easier to have a Wi-Fi connection in your car than it was only a few years back.

Mobile Hotspot from a smartphone

This is perhaps the easiest and most portable way to get a Wi-Fi connection in your car. Your phone acts as a modem and a router both. If you already have a smartphone that has the option of mobile hotspot, you will not have to bear any hardware costs. However, your mobile service provider will charge you for the internet cost according to the plan you have subscribed.

Any Wi-Fi enabled device like a tablet, MP3 player or a laptop can connect to your smartphone’s hotspot. The only drawback is that this cellular data will cost you, and will be used from the current mobile data package you have bought from the cellular company, leaving you with less data to be used.

Almost all the cellular providers offer hotspot tethering as a part of the basic package or as an add-on. In some instances, tethered mobile data is restricted to a slower downloading speed, or is allowed only 3G data regardless of your phone’s 4G capability.

Dedicated Mobile Hotspot for a car

These devices act in a similar manner to smartphones in that they have the same type of cellular data connection and ability to create a wireless network. But they can’t do any of the other things a smartphone allows us to do.

Many cellular companies also offer dedicated mobile hotspot devices which can be bought as an add-on to the current cellular plan or a new plan altogether. There are two types of dedicated mobile hotspots: self-contained devices and dongles.

Self-contained devices have in-built batteries and the device can be plugged into a 12v socket for power and recharge. It is also more portable of the two dedicated mobile hotspot options as you can take it away from the car, or away from an external power plug, for use.

On the other hand, dongles are USB devices that can be connected to a USB power source (available in the head unit of most cars today, or can be added to a car that doesn’t have one) to be used as a Wi-Fi modem/router. After initially setting the device up, just plug in the dongle to a USB port and enjoy Wi-Fi in your car or anywhere else!

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